Saturday, December 8, 2007

RJ Freq Out by Radio Mango 91.9

Day 1, 2.30 to 4.10

What's up buddy?

The RJ Freq Out is an intensive 60 seconds to fame, where you get the chance to see if you have what it takes to become a Radio Jockey. And if you do, you get a chance to win great prizes and spend an exciting fun filled day at our state of the art studios, where you get to see what we're talking about................................ So what do we look for in a Radio Jockey?

Big Voice - No Mimicry skill - No Song and Dance - No. What we look for is an attitude.
An ability to innovate, think on your feet, and entertain. Its all about personality.
The RJ Freq Out has already been to three colleges in three weeks, and the shows been getting bigger and bigger. The last instalment saw over 3000 people turn up to watch 12 finalists slug it out. What stands out about the competition is its intensity...just 60 seconds to prove yourself with no time to prepare, and no time to lose. Its just 60 seconds between you and Fame.... just 60 seconds...
Charge...! (how do I do it?)

In the first round each contestant will get sixty seconds on stage to talk . To add value to your talk, you can add any thing that is interesting for the audience. You can use mimicry, songs, story telling, jokes or even dance to spice up your talk.

Just be cool and chill out with your words. Make people think, laugh and dance with your verbal tunes. Create waves in the audience with your entertaining abilities...and we move onto the next 'surprice round' to find out the freaky showman survivor who'll bag the prestigious prize...ready? Rest assured don't be a poky, be a Radio Jockey!

Yanthrika Rekhachithra - Technical Sketching

Try out your artistic skills. Give wings to your imagination. Capture the image of these three dimensional metal pieces and let the images look like the original on your sketch boards.

Day 2, 10 - 10.30

* Freehand sketching
* Only pencil and rubber is allowed
* Valuation based on ISO standards

First prize - Rs1500/-

Second prize - Rs 1000

Yanthrika Pradarshana - Technical Exhibition

Have a look at the anatomy of these machine monsters,which we have dissected for you. These machines on ignition will take you to any corner of the world. Are you gone?? Even to the moon !! Feel the thrills of these zooming, roaming, automobiles. These speedy wheels will set your blood on fire.
  • Modified Bike Show
  • Vintage Car Show
  • Innovative Projects
  • Imported Vehicles
  • Performance Cars

Anuprashana Poorana - General Quiz

Rock your brains, Put the nail on the head, SHOOT!!!

You are right on the dot and the prize money is yours.

Day 2, 1.30 to 3.30


First prize - Rs3000/-
Second prize - Rs2000/-
Third prize - Rs1000/-


* Number of teams per college is unlimited.
* Maximum of 2 participants/team.
* Screening for finals based on preliminary test.
* Decision of judges will be final in all cases.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Keli Vilasa - Gaming

All work and no study make jack a dull throw away all your books and records..come and join the party...


Vinjana Kakshya - Seminar

Friends lend your ears and listen to the wisdom pearls, falling from our celebrity guests. Pay heed to the words of your peers, it will do a lot of good in the long run.

Nidhi Harana - Treasure Hunt

Crack the codes, follow the hidden clues, climb on the tree reach the proverb and pot at end of the rainbow. Backup!!!

Day 1, 1.30 to 2.30

"The early bird catches the worm"


Exciting prizes at each stage, total worth Rs5000/-


* Individual event.
* All those who are completed the current stage are eligible for the next level.